Post Apocalyptic Daily Zombie Workout Routine

The thick walls of your dark basement can’t prevent the zombie moans from incessantly ringing in your ears.

You shake violently in the corner. Whether from desperation, fear, or protein withdrawals, no one knows…

“I’m doomed,” you think, as a shadow crosses your face from a wandering zombie outside.

You’ve sufficiently supplied the miserable dungeon with food, water, medical supplies, and mundane weapons—but how long until the walking dead discover your hiding place?

You can’t hide forever.

Hiding gives you time to prepare, but eventually, you must fight back. To have a surviving chance against the walking dead, you need to be physically fit and ready for anything.

Unfortunately, when chaos erupts, you won’t be able to access your local gym or counsel with a personal trainer.

But don’t give up! Hide in the shadows and prepare yourself. If you’re lucky, you’ll have enough time to build your zombie slaying muscles. In the end: get fit or die!

This post-apocalyptic daily workout routine will help you get in kick-butt zombie-slaying shape with limited resources and space.

It’s designed specifically for individuals residing in private homes and fortresses—not gyms, offices, or military bases.

It’s time to fight back!

Preparing Your Post-Apocalyptic Gym

Preparing Your Post-Apocalyptic Gym

When holed up in a private residence—whether home, condominium, or apartment—you’ll need to properly build and prepare your gym.

With the walking dead either sieging your home or wandering obliviously outside, you’ll need to be as quiet and efficient as possible.


First, you’ll want to make your workouts as quiet as you can. Preferably, exercise in the basement where your noise will be muffled.

If you don’t have a basement, workout in the center most part of your house.

Despite being a poor barricade against hungry undead hands, mattresses, blankets, sheets, and pillows make great soundproofing household items. Cover your windows and walls wherever possible.


Your home gym equipment will be extremely limited, so you’ll need to focus on effective bodyweight exercises (discussed later).

You may have access to some household items that can be used for exercise purposes: pull-up bar, chairs, broom, yoga mat, ab roller, or a weighted belt. Get creative.


Build Your Home Gym DIY

The last thing you need is to bash your head open on a pipe or injure yourself working out—this could lead to accidental screams or immediate medical attention.

Be careful!

If working out in the basement, make sure you cover any potential hazards with stuffed clothing or pillows.

Test all door frames before doing pull-ups to ensure they can handle your weight. It’s better to ditch the pull-ups than to break apart your home while basically screaming to meandering zombies, “Hey, we’re inside. Come eat us!”

Daily Workout Routine

Now that you’ve soundproofed and safety prepped your home, it’s time to start working out.

This zombie workout routine assumes you have no free weights or machines.

The basic bodyweight workouts provided are for beginners and experts alike, but you’ll also find additional exercises you can do if you have the necessary equipment.

Each day you’ll focus on a specific muscle group.

  • Monday – Chest
  • Tuesday – Shoulders
  • Wednesday – Back
  • Thursday – Legs
  • Friday – Arms
  • Saturday – Cardio
  • Sunday – Rest

Beginners will find these new exercises difficult but start with the basic exercises before moving on to the advanced exercises.


The Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic Daily Workout Routine

Imagine getting up quickly, pushing zombies away, or holding a heavy door shut. These are life and death situations right here, all determined primarily by the strength of your pectorals.


Pushups will be the best exercises for building your overall chest muscles. If you doubt the pushup, look at all of these awesome pushup benefits! Check out this chest workout post for a detailed step-by-step pushup guide and for 5 other pushup variations.


Not feeling pushups? Well, chest dips are another great option. Finding a place to do dips isn’t too difficult. You can either use two chairs to dip between or find an elevated corner, like a balcony, to use for dips.

Chest Sculpting Workout Routine

Work on perfecting your form first. As you build strength, keep trying to do more and more consecutive pushups.

  • Standard Pushups
  • Rest 2-3 Minutes
  • Wide Pushups
  • Rest 2-3 Minutes
  • Close Pushups
  • Rest 2-3 Minutes

Repeat this cycle 3x

This workout should take only 25 – 35 minutes.


Back workout pullup

Whether you’re lifting corpses, building barricades, or fighting the walking dead with melee weapons, you’ll need a strong back to survive.


Finding a place to do pull-ups isn’t as hard as you think. If you don’t have a pull-up bar, find a ledge, window sill, low hanging balcony, or a thick pipe.

Heck, you can even make your own pull-up bar!

If you don’t know how to do pull-ups, check out this awesome pull-up training article.

Inverted Rows

Pull-ups are by no means “easy,”—that’s what makes them such a great workout! But if you can’t do a pull-up, inverted rows (bodyweight rows) will help you build your back muscles.

Finding a place to do inverted rows is easy. Place a broom on top of two chair seats and lay down in between the chairs. You now have your inverted row bar.

If you for some reason don’t have two chairs or a broomstick of some sort (what’s wrong with you?), then you can use the edge of a heavy table or desk.

Building Up to the Pull-up Workout

This inverted-row workout will help you build your back strength so you can start doing pull-ups.

The difficulty of the inverted row comes from the angle of your body.

The exercise becomes easier the closer your body gets to a 90-degree angle.


  • Do inverted rows with the bar high.
  • Once you can do at least 10 reps, lower the bar.
  • When you do 10 reps with the new height, lower the bar further.
  • When you can go no lower, move on to expert inverted rows.


  • Lower the bar to the point where your back almost touches the ground when you lower yourself.
  • Place your feet on a bench
  • Now try to do 10 reps

Once you can do 10 reps of the expert inverted row, you’re ready to move on to pull-ups.

To raise and lower the bar, place books or other flat items on the chair—but make sure they’re secure. It only takes one slipup to send a few curious zombies in your direction.


Handstand Push-up Shoulder Workout

Stronger shoulders enable you to lift more with almost any other muscle. Shoulder muscles ease your arm movements, improve your throwing capabilities, and will give you lifting strength.

This will be necessary for hand-to-hand combat and knife throwing, as well as balancing out your arm, chest, and back muscles.

Handstand Pushups

The best bodyweight shoulder exercise possible. To build practical and well-developed shoulder strength, this zombie workout is a must! But handstand pushups aren’t easy.

If you’re not confident in your shoulder strength, start with pike pushups. You definitely don’t want to come crashing down on your head attempting a handstand pushup the first time—zombies or no zombies.

Pike Pushups

Imagine your body as a reverse V. Then add pushups. You now have the pike pushup. This pushup puts all the emphasis on your shoulders and triceps.

The Ultimate Progressive Shoulders Workout

  • Pike pushups until failure – 5 sets
  • Once you can 12 good-quality pike pushups, move on to handstand pushups.
  • Handstand pushups until failure – 5 sets
  • Keep progressing to see how many consecutive handstand pushups you can do.


Jesse Ab Cycle

All of your strength and power comes from your core. A stronger core enables you to transfer more energy to your other muscles.

In action—stronger abs will improve your posture, balance, power, and overall zombie-slaying prowess!

For more comfortable workouts, place something soft to lay on. You can use towels, sheets, pillows, blankets—anything nice and comfy!


Easy to learn, simple to do, and progress can be measured. Plank workouts engage all of your core muscles in a practical way.


Great for working your lower abs and obliques. Take your bicycle crunches nice and slow to really stretch your abs.

Leg Raises

Perfect exercise for building your lower abdominals. Make sure you raise your legs without swinging them, and let them gracefully fall—don’t just drop your legs.

If you can find a bar, do hanging leg raises. But if not, lying leg raises while on your back will work just fine.

Beginner’s Progressive 30-Day Planking Workout

This 30-Day Planking Challenge will help you continue to push yourself. Why stop at just at a 30-second plank or even a 60-second plank when you can do more?

Lower Abs and Obliques 5-Minute Workout

This link has more information on the workout.

Overall Abs 5-Minute Core Zombie Workout

This link has more information on the workout.


Pushing and pulling strength comes in large part from your biceps and triceps. You’ll need this for a number of reasons in the apocalypse!

Imagine swinging an axe at a zombie’s head or using a bow & arrow. To generate enough force to pierce a ghoul’s skull, you’re going to need strong arms!


You can use a chair or a ledge to do tricep dips anywhere. You can also progressive overload easily with dips.

If you’re doing dips every week, you’ll soon be doing too many dips to count. When this happens, start adding on the weight.

If you have a dip belt, great! If you don’t, place something heavy and stable between your legs while you dip.

Chin Ups

Place your hands slightly closer than shoulder-width apart with your palms facing you. This will put more focus on your biceps.

This post has 5 chin up modifications to help you really work those biceps.

Build Bigger Arms Workout

  • Tricep dips – 15x
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Chin ups – 10x
  • Rest 1 minute

Repeat 5x

Once you can do 15 tricep dips for all 5 sets, start adding weight. Same thing with the chin ups. Once you can do 10 chin ups for all 5 sets, start adding weight.


Strong Legs Daily Workout Routine

Never forget leg day! Built legs will carry you across the world and back. They’ll also help you burn more calories in case you’re trying to lose some extra baggage.

An entire article could be dedicated to the benefits of strong legs, so I found an awesome comprehensive one here.


The squat can save your life—literally. Squats will build your quads and overall legs better than any other bodyweight exercise.

You’ll quickly build squat strength and begin squatting your life away. To feel a good pump, you’ll have to do hundreds of squats…you know what that means—resistance time!

This squat challenge has a bunch of difficult variations you can do to end the painful squat monotony!

Calf Raises

You can stand on a block or step to do your calf raises. Heaven forbid, if you don’t have access to either, use a stack of ugly fiction books—don’t accidentally destroy any manuals that could be useful!

To increase the difficulty, load a backpack up with heavy books. Put the backpack on and start working those calves!


Lunges are a great way for you to work your hamstrings and your quads! Make sure you go down all the way, but don’t allow your knees to go over your feet.

When you no longer struggle doing lunges across the room or yard, begin holding heavy objects in your hands while lunging.

The heavier the weight, the more difficult you’ll make the lunge. The more difficult the lunge, the better you’ll sculpt your zombie-butt-kicking legs!

Warning: Don’t actually kick zombies in the butt…always aim to destroy the brain.

Leg-Blasting Bodyweight Workout

  • Squats 25x
  • Calf raises 30x
  • Lunges 15x each leg
  • Rest 2 minutes

Repeat 5x

Continue adding weight so you struggle to complete this workout. If it becomes easy, you need to add more weight!


Zombie Survival HIIT Workout Routine

You can’t neglect cardio, especially in the apocalypse! A well-developed strong body won’t do you any good if your compound becomes overrun.

Unfortunately for you blood-thirsty survivors out there, zombie survival involves running from conflict as the primary strategy—fighting as Plan B.

But you can’t exactly lace up your running shoes and take a morning jog through undead territory.

Here, you’ll find a variety of cardio workouts you can do. Surely you’ll find at least one workout you can do given your circumstances.

HIIT Bike Workout

For those lucky enough to have a stationary bike, this workout will get you in tip-top cardio shape.

  • 2-minute warmup
  • 30-second sprint
  • 60-second moderate pace
  • Repeat 15x
  • 2-minute cooldown

Total Time: 26 minutes

P.S. – Certain stationary bikes could also be used to manually power a generator. If you’re going to kill yourself on the bike, might as well juice your home while you’re at it—just saying.

Tabata Workout

Killer workout that will elevate your heart rate as well as work your upper body.

  • 10 pullups
  • 20 pushups
  • 10 inverted rows
  • 20 dips
  • Immediately start over at pullups
  • 9 pullups
  • 19 pushups
  • 9 inverted rows
  • 19 dips
  • Continue this cycle until your reach 0 pullups

Stairs & Jump Rope Workout

  • Stair sprints. Sprint to the top of the stairs as fast as you can. Then walk down. The sprint up and the walk down count as 1 repetition.
  • Repeat 6x
  • Jump rope. Jump as fast as you can for 60 seconds.
  • Rest for 60 seconds
  • Repeat 6x

Zombie Workout Conclusion

zombie workout

The strong will survive and the weak will perish.

Eventually, humanity will need to fight back against the walking dead.

As for now, stay quiet and prepare. Don’t reveal yourself until you’re ready.

You, survivors, are the brave – You are the wise – You are the strong.

You are humanity’s last hope.

Survival of the fittest. Get fit or die trying.

Share these workouts with your family and friends so you can build any army when the time comes. You can’t do this alone. You’ll need help!

P.S. – Make sure you print off this zombie workout. When tish hits the fan, you won’t have access to the internet.

Prepare your workout resources now!

If you’d like the .pdf for this zombie workout, send me an email at I’ll send you the complete printable daily workout routine!